Technical Specifications

An overview of SOUNDSCAPES® by INSP technical specifications.

100% Polyethylen (PET)

OEKOTEX standard 100 approved

Fire classification: EN 1350-1-1 :2002 B-s1-d0

Thickness: 20, 40, or 50 mm

Weight: 1600 grams per m20 mm. 2600 gram per m40 or 50 mm

Leave low CO2 footprint

All products are of acoustic class A

Insulation value: W/nK at 0,038

Air resistance: 9,5 kPa ± 1,5 kPa



You can download a detailed tech sheet here:

SOUNDSCAPES® by INSP come in 2 colors

(Colors may vary due to screen color profile)

Dark Nature

Light Nature

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