High Quality Acoustic Solutions

The sustainable miracle derived from recycled plastic

World-class sound absorbance

Our acoustic solutions are made of compressed granulate from reusable plastic bottles and are classified as Acoustic Class A – the best possible sound absorption on the market.

Lightweight and stable form

Panels measuring 1 m2 weigh only 2600 grams, yet can withstand pressure from all directions without losing shape.

Simple to assemble, mount, transport, and store

Our lightweight construction, modular design, and safe material make all our products easy to handle, move, and mount.


All our acoustic solutions are classified for use in all inside environments – including fire escape routes.

Bacteria-free and allergy neutral

PET provides no base for mold or bacteria growth – combined with cleaning ease, this makes our acoustic solutions among the safest and most user-friendly on earth.

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sustainable and 100% recyclable

All our products are 100 % recyclable and leave an extremely low CO2 footprint in the recycling process – and simultaneously contribute to sustainable future by reducing plastic pollution in the ocean and our surrounding environment.

flexible and adaptable

Our products fits into any interior environment – they improve sound while adapting to or supporting nearly all space requirements and all forms of visual expression.

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