The Story

“Where ancient craftsmanship goes hand-in-hand with modern technology to create
high quality acoustic solutions with beautiful design!”

Beautiful materials, acoustic solutions, sustainability, sustainable materials, wool

Felting is an ancient craft where wool or animal hair are rubbed carefully together by hand, adding only water and soap in the process. As the fibers become increasingly entwined, they finally form a solid textile called “felt.”

Felt has been around since 6000 B.C. It has been used over the centuries for making clothing of different kinds and panels in dwelling places because of its unique insulation qualities. Lately, it has become used increasingly to absorb noise and improve interior sound in buildings because of its unique acoustic qualities.

Our acoustic solutions are based on this age-old tradition. They don’t use wool or animal hair, but rather granules from recycled plastic bottles. And the manual felting has been replaced by frontline technology.

Felt made from PET before being made into acoustic panels

Right! Plastic bottles collected from the oceans and our surroundings are molecularly dissolved and transformed into fiber very similar to animal hair. They are then heated and “felted” in a multi-step machine process, resulting in a product with the same unique acoustic features as the original felt – including surfaces and shapes of infinite design possibilities.

Nature often provides us with the simplest and best models for the most advanced products – and ours have unrivalled environmental, design, and acoustic performance qualities.

Moderne minimalistisk stue med rendering af hvide akustiske paneler på væggene. Intelligent Space (INSP)
Hvide akustiske Soundscapes lavet af genbrugt PET. Forskellige størrelser. Ejet af Intelligent Space (INSP)

Just as felt evolved to provide the best and most flexible living conditions for nomadic tribes facing constantly changing challenges,  our goal is to deliver small, but meaningful building blocks for modern society now and in the times to come.