Our exhibition stands come as flexible and light weight, knock-down systems that can be used in trade shows or other events, which require both good acoustics and high profile message display surfaces.


The Soundscapes™ panels come in dyed, natural white, -grey, or -black colors, and can be supplied in 20mm, 40mm and 50mm thicknesses, with both smooth and rough surfaces.


These are the standard sizes and shapes of our panels. For panels other sizes or shapes, please contact us for assistance or inspiration.


Improved concentration and learning

Improved performance and productivity

Reduced stress and nervousness

Reduced absence and illness

Improved communication and understanding

Improved social relationsship and self esteem

Improved well being


Acoustic class A

OEKOTEX standard 100 approved

Simple to assemble, mount, transport, and store

Lightweight, flexible, and stable form

Bacteria resistant, allergy neutral, and easy to clean

Insulation value: W/nK at 0,038

Air resistance: 9,5 kPa ± 1,5 kPa

Pantone Color Options

In addition to the three standard dyed colors, we also offer a laminated solution in all PANTONE colors. Panels can be laminated on one or both sides. 

PANTONE colors for PET panels


Printed images such as company logo or company informations can be printed and fit to measure the size of the exhibition modules and are easily changed.

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