Our stance on sustainability and circularity

Local production

We wish to contribute to a better world by making products that reuse waste materials and reduce the CO2 imprint – all our products are developed and produced in Scandinavia, and all improve indoor environment. 

One word: Plastic

All our solutions contribute to a sustainable future. We use and reuse granulate from plastic bottles in all our Soundscapes™, and we use sustainable materials throughout our work processes.

Infinite reusability

Based on ancient felting techniques, we can achieve a wide range of acoustic effects in our material, and they can be used and/or reused – again, and again, and again. 


Circular design

We work with cradle-to-cradle circular design. It ensures durability, requires less processing, and it minimizes or eliminates the plastic that ends up unutilized in the surrounding environment.


It is important that our solutions support performance and activity in a wide variety of interiors, and that they can be moved about or changed according to need over time. Modularity of design makes selection, combination, and changes much easier, as well as less expensive.

Active network position

Intelligent Space solutions build upon insight, ideas, and interaction from and with a close network of suppliers, partners, owners, users, and friends.

Soundscapes™ Properties

Top-flight acoustics


Bacteria resistant


Easy maintenance