It pays to think sustainably

Titelfane til side om bæredygtig akustik.
Ikon, der illustrerer genanvendeligheden ved bæredygtig akustik fra Intelligent Space.

Reuse and circularity

We reduce the carbon footprint for our customers by using reused and reusable materials. All Soundscapes™ is made from 99% reused plastic (PET – polyethylene terephthalate) from the nordic return systems. Should it ever be needed, it is also possible and easy to remold the materials with minimal energy consumption – this secures a high degree of circularity.

Ikon, der illustrerer energioptimering ved brug af bæredygtig akustik fra Intelligent Space.

Energy optimization

PET is sustainable in terms of its long life cycle, but products from PET can also be used in energy optimizations. It can be used as insulation and it contributes to a lower heating bill and less wasted energy. All our products are produced and reused in Scandinavia so there are a minimal energy consumption related to transportation.


Plastic in nature is a well known problem because it takes many years to dissolve. But exactly this property gives plastic an advantage in products: it gives the products a nearly infinite life span. The abrasion resistance and resilience of plastic further contributes to the fact, that plastic never has to become waste.



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