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Billede illustrerer akustisk løsning fra Intelligent Space hos skovle skolen i holte.

Danish schools are steadily increasing emphasis on the healthy indoor climates. They are important for successful teaching and learning, as well as for the social environment for interaction between students, and between students and teachers. All research indicates that poor acoustics is a primary cause of problems in health, learning, and inclusion in schools. Better acoustics enable better concentration, better performance, reduction of sick leave, and improved inclusion.

The Danish Ministry of Children and Education has specifically put “inclusion” at the top of its agenda for school innovation. Inclusion is the ability for the environment and teaching methods to support the simultaneous integration of social and learning processes. 

The pandemic has critically increased requirements on social distancing and hygiene, and thereby put additional demands on the proper design of school space to achieve better inclusion and increased m2 teaching utilization.

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Danish hospitals have traditionally put admirable focus on primary indoor conditions – cleanliness, hygiene, and air quality – both for patients and staff. Recent research has placed additional focus on the invisible stress factors connected with acoustics and bad sound. It has become very clear that improved acoustic conditions have positive synergies between the reduction of patient healing times increased levels of staff wellbeing and health (measured by sick leave and workplace satisfaction).

Intelligent Space has developed special products for the health sector. These include attractive acoustic pictures, acoustic bulletin boards, and the specifically adapted u_Space ceiling system for effective m2 space utiization. All our material is sustainable, hygienic, and easy to clean.

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Billede linker til side akustik i offentlig administration

In the public sector, there is a tendency to prioritize both well-being and productivity. Effective and confidential communication internally and when meeting the citizen has become a prerequisite for the modern administration. Stress in public workplaces is nearly always connected to bad acoustic conditions.

Intelligent Space has developed beautiful and effective acoustic pictures and other acoustic products targeted for public offices and other public buildings. We also offer the multifunctional ceiling system ‘u_Space’ where lighting, acoustics, space division, and network are integrated.

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Acoustics make the difference

Girl walking down architect drawn hallway at Skovly Skolen with acoustic ceiling and acoustic bulletin boards in frames. All acoustic products made by Intelligent Space (INSP)

A lot of research in acoustic and the effects of acoustics has been conducted over time. We have, therefore, collected some of the newest research on school acoustics in this short article. Here you can learn how acoustics affect stress levels, promote learning, and improve wellbeing for both teachers and students.

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