Soundscapes™ – the right acoustic environment

Sorte akustiske Soundscapes lavet af genbrugt PET. Forskellige størrelser. Ejet af Intelligent Space (INSP)

All our acoustic designs are made from Soundscapes™. Our acoustic Soundscapes™-panels are made from 100% recyclable PET.

Stress and mental health research demonstrates clearly that sound environments affect people for better or for worse. Good basic acoustic design is a cornerstone in the development of good sound environments. It boosts wellbeing, concentration levels, and communication effectiveness – critical factors in nearly all facets of human performance.

Intelligent Space acoustic solutions contribute to optimize the effect of the environment on what takes place in a given room. Focus is on supporting the activity of the individual and the interaction of people – concentration, communication, and cooperation. We work with a wide variety of modular designs to develop various types of acoustic solutions.