Jeudan - Modernizing a Listed Property

Acoustic ceiling made from grey sustainable PET panels. At Jeudan in Copenhagen. All acoustic products are made by Intelligent Space (INSP)

Synergies between old and new

Jeudan is a respected major player in buying and renting office, residential, and retail properties in the Copenhagen area. In these particular offices dating from the late 1700s, disturbing sound reverberation times were a limiting factor for effective work concentration and communication – and thus for a satisfactory rental agreement.

The challenge was two-fold: aesthetic fit of an acoustic solution with the beautiful antique interior; and technically elegant, so as not to mark or harm the delicate wood surfaces.

Intelligent Space SoundscapesTM acoustic panels were cut exactly to match ceiling spaces in dimensions and color. Because of their light weight, the panels were attached carefully, but firmly to the ceiling with magnets – no marks, no holes in the delicate wood surfaces, and easily cleaned or even removed.

The style and charm of the very old interior were maintained and simultaneously transformed into a modern interior by simple and creative means. Good acoustics must fit the user’s context and enable the function of the room.