British MotorGroup - Making a Beautiful Environment Work

The front of British MotorGroup's showroom in Søborg.

Invisible Acoustics - Branded Acoustics

British MotorGroup has recently built beautiful new offices and a Jaguar–Land Rover showroom in Søborg. The only missing element was viable sound for day-to-day work, sales discussions, and just ordinary telephone conversations. Cross-room echoes dominated all contact. Ramboll Acoustics made detailed acoustic measurements to establish the baseline for proper sound environments in the various room sections.

The showroom ceiling was off-limits due to extensive technical wiring. Therefore, Intelligent Space provided 325m2 of carefully placed acoustic surfaces and photos. 80% were designed to be invisible in order to accent the minimalistic architectural lines of the building interior – an exact wall color clone. The remaining 75m2 were carefully selected large-scale photo motifs of the Group’s latest Jaguar and Land Rover models in action. Design work for the project was carried out in close cooperation with the Danish and British managements.

After project completion Ramboll Acoustics revisited the BMG offices to confirm the improvements (see report here). And for both BMG employees and guests the results were dramatic – people are the ultimate judges of good sound.


Jaguar showroom at British MotorGroup Søborg. On the walls white acoustic Soundscapes are mounted and slick jaguar cars fill out the room. All acoustic solutions made by Intelligent Space.
Acoustic picture of Land Rover hanging on the wall of an office at British MotorGroup Søborg. Acoustic picture by Intelligent Space (INSP)
Acoustic painting of red car at British Motor Group, Copenhagen
Sustainable acoustic wall panel made by Intelligent Space hanging on the wall in British MotorGroups showroom in Søborg.
Receptionisten arbejder koncentreret hos British Motor Group i Søborg, Danmark. Hun sidder bag en skranke, og bag hende hænger et stort og bæredygtigt akustisk panel i ramme. Akustik er lavet af Intelligent Space (INSP)
Acoustic pictures picturing Range Rover models hanging over desk tops at British MotorGroup in Søborg.