Make complexity simple

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Billedet illustrerer funktionen 'ease-of-use'


All products from Intelligent Space are easy to use. They are light weight, they can be fitted to all parts of the room, they are hygienic and bacteria resistens, they are robust, they stay stable and retain their properties over time in all types of indoor climates, and they can easily be cleaned with most detergents.

Billedet illustrerer funktionen 'modulært og fleksibelt'

Modular and flexible

All products from Intelligent Space are designed and formed in order to work together modularly. This holds true for the simplest Soundscapes™ all the way up to det most sophisticated interior concepts. As a user you can easily add or remove elements to your existing solution. You can even adapt totally new designs to fit into older solutions.

Billedet illustrerer funktionen 'multifunktionelt'


All products from Intelligent Space are more than just acoustic regulation. All solutions add one or more extra functionalities to the room in order to never leave a room uglier or less functional than when we arrived. We wish to add something attractive or useful to all our acoustic solutions such as lighting or an artistic or custom expression. Our solutions are never ‘just’ acoustics.



Good acoustics

Bacteria resistant


Easy maintenance

Light weight