Your valued m2: from restrictions to development

Billedet illustrerer produktegenskaben 'det akustike'

The acoustic aspect

In every case we look at the design and functions of a room and map out the needs of the customer. Based on this, and our dialog with the customer, we design a solution that creates exactly the acoustic profile that is fitting for the room and its activities.

Billedet illustrerer produktegenskaben 'det visuelle'

The visual aspect

Acoustics are invisible, but acoustic products are not. This is the reason we always design products in relation to their surroundings. They can be branded as per customer wish, they can be adapted to existing interior, or they can be made close to invisible.

Billedet illustrerer produktegenskaben 'det rumlige'

The spatial aspect

Our acoustic products are designed in a way that lets them play an active role in the interior design. This can be as room dividers, bulletin boards, lamps, or table dividers. In some cases we even create custom products directly to a customer in order to make a comprehensive acoustic interior concept that fits the space.



Good acoustics

Bacteria resistant


Easy maintenance

Light weight