Coloplast – The future of open offices

Open offices - Great difficulties

Coloplast is located in their original production facilities in Humlebæk, Denmark. They contacted us after a workplace assessment made substantial problems with noise and acoustics clear. The solution was based on an analysis of the dynamics of the company and the nuisances that were identified. It culminated in a catalogue of solutions specifically designed for the company.

The solution consisted of:

Presentation boards in 12mm PET for their development department. These substitutes the flammable foam boards which the department has used for a number of years.

Acoustic discretion boards on the inside of the glass facades dividing the offices. We substituted discretion ‘foil’ with a 12mm absorbent that gives the wanted discretion while making eminent acoustics in the office.

Idents to meeting rooms. The small meeting rooms had an acoustic challenge with the short reflections which especially affected speech intelligibility. We delivered special cut room dividers in oak frames which solved the problem and showed the ‘identity’ of the room.
Room dividers for open offices. We delivered special cut room dividers which were hung from the ceiling. This way the acoustics are optimized while the individual teams are visually discerned.
Sadly, but understandably, Coloplast doesn’t allow for us to show pictures of the solutions in their development department for security reason but these illustrations should give an impression of its functionality and aesthetics.


Illustration of specially designed acoustic Soundscapes ™ panels in wooden frames in a meeting room at Coloplast, Copenhagen. All rights reserved Intelligent Space.