Cloetta: A Unique shop design

Beautiful acoustics that contribute to branding

In Cloettas newly opened concept store in Malmö, Sweden, they have recently got a beautiful and functional ceiling. It contains both sound, light, branding, and system in a united solution which makes it rather unique and correlates it greatly with Cloetta brand.

The solution consists of a PrioGrid system in which you can hide wiring and network and mount all other modules. On this system, we have mounted light spots that highlight specific parts of attraction in the store. We also integrated Soundscapes™ in the grid. The Soundscapes™ was colored in ‘Cloetta Red’ and as such it underlines the brand of the company while improving the acoustics of the store.

The united solution is developed in a collaboration between Intelligent Space and Caleidoscope Systems AB and the collaboration has made possible a solution that secures a whole range of essential room functions and elegant underlining of the company’s brand.

Interested? Watch the video below and hear Cloetta’s own thoughts on the new store.


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