BloxHUB – Fæstningens Materialgård

BloxHUB (Fæstningens Materialgård) in Copenhagen. It's a listed building. Contains acoustic solutions from Intelligent Space.

Space Allocation in Listed Buildings

BloxHub resides in a listed 18th-century house, Materialgården, behind Bryghuspladsen in Copenhagen. Materialgården houses a variety of office spaces for startups and small businesses. The challenge was, that four of the open office spaces were placed in direct connection to each other with some noise nuisance as the result. Since the building is listed, one cannot make standard acoustic solutions because it could disfigure the original architecture.

The solution became eight tall room dividers with the customer’s design printed on it. The office spaces now have the wanted intimacy and private life without a single screw being screwed into the protected oak floors or walls. The room dividers can easily be moved and used elsewhere. Should they want to change the visual appearance the motive can easily be changed. Acoustics are essentiel in shared offices that wishes to enable both concentration, communication, and creativity.


Inside Bloxhub (Fæstningens Materialgård) they have gotten acoustic room dividers to divide offices from walkway. Since the building is listed, the room dividers don't affect the interior or walls. Made by Intelligent Space.
Acoustic dividers at BloxHUB, Copenhagen. They divide an open office space to allow people to pass through the offices without disturbing the workers. Acoustic divider by Intelligent Space (INSP)
Office at BloxHUB in Copenhagen. Acoustic room dividers with custom prints divide workplaces from walkways. Made by Intelligent Space.
Akustiske skillevægge med custom print skærmer kontorer mod støj fra forbipasserende hos BloxHub i København. Akustiske skillevægge lavet af Intelligent Space (INSP)