Intelligent Space transforms costly m2 into valuable assets

Design adapted to the task

The solution scope

Determining the optimal amount and placement of acoustic Soundscapes™ in the spatial setting to achieve the required acoustic regulation.

The solution key

Determining the visual setting of the acoustic Soundscapes™ in order to fit the design concept – branded, adapted, or invisible – that best supports or highlights the performance or experience activities that take place in the given interior.

Solution styling

Developing and/or selecting the precise visual expression of the acoustic Soundscapes™ in terms of shape, color, and patterns.


Improve sound and match or enhance acoustic design to organization identity design.


Improve sound and match acoustic design to room/interior design.



Improve sound without disturbing existing design.

Dialogue as our development tool

U Creation

You do it – we supply it. Or we provide the acoustic options, you provide the visual expression.

INSP Creation

You define the task – we make and end-to-end proposal. We fine-tune it together – we supply it.


We work together to utilize each other’s expertise and creativity.