Our products reduce physical barriers to wellbeing and performance

Intelligent Space came about as a result from a meeting between the scenographer, Svend Hangaard, and consultant firm director, Scott Campbell. Svend has found a new material made from plastic waste and it had some quite unusual acoustic properties. Scott had some newly renovated offices which didn't work because of acoustic problems.

In close collaboration they solved the the problems of the office both effectively and aesthetically. From this collaboration the company, Intelligent Space, came into existence, and with it, the sustainable and acoustic product Soundscapes™. Soundscapes™ are both beautiful and hygienic acoustic solutions that can be placed and adapted to all environments and they have a nearly magical influence on the room acoustics.

These Soundscapes™ are the cornerstone for the aesthetic and simple acoustic interior solutions. Unique acoustic art, revolutionary and cost effective designs for ceilings, walls, and lighting, and flexible and modular interior systems fit for the future.